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Shalom everyone, I'm Messianic Matt and this is my blog.  I hope to add to it regularly, but in the meantime; please check out FREE resources that I've compiled:

Here's a website I think is helpful.  I believe it’s good for those new in the faith as well as those who may not be so new, as there’s enough information on there that everyone should be able to learn something fresh.  And while I may not agree with their stance on women’s head coverings (I personally don’t hold the apostle Paul’s opinions on the same level as Torah, not that I’m one of those Paul haters you may have heard of), the non-denominational people that run this site have been a blessing to me and others; with much spiritual truth.  I’ve received free tracts (informational pamphlets) and a dvd from them in the past, so I can attest myself that they do in fact send out materials at no cost.  They also have a toll-free hotline to call if you have any questions, I haven’t tried it myself but it’s a unique option I’ve not found on similar sites.  There’s even a chat feature, which I thoroughly enjoy.  If you have any questions, you can go on there and hopefully chat with some other believers in Yahushuah the Messiah with good heads on their shoulders.  It’s not too moderated though, so as with anything; use discernment.  But if reading isn’t your thing, there are some well done audio/visual presentations too.  When you can, please feel free to enjoy:

Back to quickly share another website that’s been a blessing to my personal walk with Yahushua the Messiah with free resources and informational studies, run by a wonderful married couple in love with spiritual truth.  It too, has what I consider to be beneficial and non-denominational aids to everyone.  Now I don’t really agree with their taking of “tithes”  or the apparent Nicolatianism of their services (clergy over laity, with only clergy being allowed to speak at gatherings) but it’s a solid site with a genuine sense of caring.  They’ve sent me the dvd’s I ordered absolutely free, and even an added bonus of some tracts that I didn’t order.  They also offered to pray for me on anything, which I felt added a human and heart-felt touch.  It used to be they had a Youtube channel, which unfortunately isn’t up at the moment; not sure what the deal is there.  At any rate, when you have the time please don’t hesitate.  Give it a look and see what feeds your fire:

Another website here that’s been a spiritual blessing to my truth walk with Yahushua the Messiah, also run by an awesome married couple who freely give out resources.  They are non-denominational too, which I like.  Not only have they freely sent me the booklet and one of the three dvd's I ordered, but also included some materials that I didn’t.  They have a good Youtube channel, a poetry page and apparently a sister site in Spanish.  And if you’re into secret society/end time issues, this is a site that I’ve found to also have that info.  So basically there is something there for everyone, so don’t be shy about checking them out as well.

I’m going to share yet another website that’s refined my faith in Yahushua our Messiah with it’s free resources pertaining to spiritual truth.  Much like the others, it’s packed with non-denominational study aids which I feel can benefit all people.  Those who run it unfortunately also believe in "tithing" and Nicolatianism and don’t appear to be all that big on the gifts of the Spirit, yet it’s otherwise solid information in my opinion.  They sent me the dvd and bookmarks I ordered from them, and have many downloadable audio teachings plus a newsletter subscription.  So give it a peek, and be richly blessed as you do:

A very similar site to yaiy is yrm, and they also have downloadable audio teachings and a free newsletter subscription.  They sent me the booklet I ordered but not the dvd so I guess it's hit and miss.  They also publish their own translation of the Scriptures (not free) based on the KJV and called the RSB or Restoration Study Bible.  The footnotes are also hit and miss in my opinion as some of them are rock solid and some of them I outright disagree with.  All in all it's not bad though, a great resource that's adding footnotes when other versions seem to be removing them.  Check it out, you may find that it's for you:

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