Friday, October 1, 2010

A poem

Warped Mirror

She’s got the looks of a beauty queen, the kind that belong in classy art scenes and at the heart of every gentleman’s dreams.

The sad thing is that she’s always been the last to know, society can distort image so while weighing a young lady’s very soul.

Blind and abusive little boys don’t help with their lies, telling her she’s really not this gorgeous prize with lightning eyes.

Mean girls know the score but they just shoot cold stares, and whisper with a jealous flair that in some way this just isn’t fair.

Humble and shy in all her ways makes her profoundly unique, but all vain people seek is the body that should be in a boutique.

An understatement to say she’s hard to get, so if you think you can then please step in line and put in your very finest bet.

I’d like to try loving her myself but I don’t have the nerve, to admit that she swerves off the scale of what most men deserve.

And that thing that you just can't place, well it’s the fact that her face is reflected straight out of Yahuah’s amazing grace.

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